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Changing the Way You Think Fitness

Since the inception Think Fitness Studios has been changing the way people experience health, fitness and lifestyle. As we embark on this phase of expansion to new communities, our goal is to retain the level of quality and personalization that we stand for, while remaining on the cutting edge of personalized fitness solutions. We are pleased to introduce a fresh new look with our refined logo and branding, second location downtown, new comprehensive corporate programs and a further refined approach that caters to those seeking a more customized fitness solution.  We invite you to experience fitness personalized.

In great health,

Brent Bishop 
President, Think Fitness Studios






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New Location

145 Front Street East | St. Lawrence Market

After 6 years of keeping fitness personalized in Bloor West Village, Think Fitness Studios announces a new location in downtown Toronto at 145 Front Street East. Bringing the proven model of interest-driven, personalized conditioning, the Think Team gears up to bring their premium services downtown Toronto to the St. Lawrence Market community and surrounding areas. Our services will offer comprehensive corporate health and wellness solutions as well as highly customized and clinically approved conditioning options for those seeking a premium tailored approach to their health and wellness goals.

Think Fitness St. Lawrence Market offers a fully integrated health experience. Our unique health model offers seamless integration with MyoMedical Clinic, through orthopedics, sports, rehabilitation and athletic medicine management services and P3 Health founded by renowned alternative health expert Dr. Bryce Wylde and Dr. Tim Cook. Together these integrated services include weight loss, sport-specific conditioning, injury prevention, mobility, exercise prescription, massage therapy, manipulative therapy, osteopathy and a full range of integrated health and nutrition services ranging from customized conventional and complementary medicine to full genomic testing.

The new downtown location boasts the exceptional health and wellness experience that Think Fitness clients are used to with a unique historical feel of exposed brick and distinctive architecture. The performance-inspired functional space caters to comprehensive personalized conditioning and clinically approved group training ranging from novice to high-level sport-specific conditioning.

For a complimentary consultation, introduction to our services and exclusive grand opening promotions at Think Fitness Studios St. Lawrence Market contact us today.

Click here for a sneak peak at the new space!

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Sports Development Program

Thanks for all your patience! We are very happy to announce our SDP Summer Program will start July 2nd at 2pm. The Small Group will take place every weekday from 2-3pm, with a different focus each workout:

  • Monday – Agility with Tim (ages 11-18)
  • Tuesday – Functional Strength with Ra (ages 14-18)
  • Wednesday – Sport Specific Cardio with Melissa (ages 11-18)
  • Tuesday – Functional Strength with Ra (ages 14-18)
  • Friday – Recovery & Mobility with Andrew (ages 11-18)

As well, summer pricing options have been setup to last until the end August. You can access this by booking the sessions through each participants online account – just go to, then click the Client Login button on the top right.

  • Drop-in – $24.99
  • 6-Pack – $129.99 (*expires in 60 days)
  • 12-Pack – $219.99 (*expires in 60 days)

As always, the Small Groups will remain capped at 6 participants max per session. For this reason pre-registration online is mandatory. As well, all next week (July 7th-11th), each session will incorporate a Benchmark Evaluation fitness tracking based on the respective categories. The athletes will have two more opportunities to better these results throughout the summer, approximately every 4-weeks.

New athletes are always welcome and encouraged!

Please ask them to contact our Admin ahead of time by email ( to allow for proper registration.

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