12 days of Christmas Challenge

It’s almost Christmas… Can you believe it? It’s hard to know where the days have gone but the festive season is now approaching. And with that, Christmas parties that include mulled wine and those tasty looking Christmas cookies. Now is the time more than ever to get your fitness on track. And do we have a workout for you!

But first THANK YOU to everyone who came out, and supported us for this year’s Big Payback! It was a huge success and thanks to you we raised over $4000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

There were many highlights to the night – most of the highlights were for the clients, and gruelling moments for the trainers! But it was all worth it to see the colour drain from Andre’s face after his 105th consecutive burpee, or Tim perform magnificent Turkish get ups in a sparkling yellow tutu. If you missed the event this year and are killing yourself to see some of those images fear not as our videographer Gavin put together a highlights video.



As part of the Big Payback, the trainers ended the night by completing a Fearless Challenge that really finished us off. So now, we have a challenge for YOU!

“12 days of Christmas Challenge”

Set the timer and try and complete the following circuit as fast as possible!

Round 1: 12 jumping jacks
Round 2: 12 jumping jacks & 11 air squats
Round 3: 12 jumping jacks & 11 air squats & 10 ab curls
Round 4: … 9 mountain climbers
Round 5: … 8 split squat jumps
Round 6: … 7 ab reverse curls
Round 7: … 6 tricep dips
Round 8: … 5 burpees
Round 9: ... 4 push ups
Round 10: … 3 box jumps (or tuck jumps)
Round 11: … 2 pull ups (or jumps with eccentric lowers)
Round 12: … 1 min plank

So to explain:

Round one you complete 12 jumping jacks. Round two you complete 12 jumping jacks plus 11 air squats. Round three you complete 12 jumping jacks, 11 squats and 10 ab curls … etc etc until the very last round where you will complete 12 jumping jacks. 11 air squats, 10 ab curls, 9 mountain climbers, 8 split squat jumps, 7 ab reverse curls, 6 tricep dips, 5 burpees, 4 push ups, 3 box jumps, 2 pull ups and 1min plank! Brutal!

In the days leading up to Christmas it’s that much more important to get on track with your fitness goals. We all indulge a bit over Christmas and that’s okay – it’s what the holidays are for! But the best way to prepare for those social drinks and festive cheer is to have a solid fitness base entering into the holiday season.

Grab a friend and complete this workout challenge. Make sure to post your results on our facebook page.

Happy Holidays!

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