Think Fitness Team



Brent Bishop - @I_AmBishop


Background:B.Sc Kinesiology and Psychology Minor; Simon Fraser University. Over 15 years experience in the industry. Owner of Think Fitness Studios. Author of his self-help fitness guide, The Think Factor, Functional Fitness Host of the series, Body Fuel and Fitness Expert of CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show.

Passion: Seeing people realize their true potential in life. Many of us have a lower perception of our true capabilities, my belief is that there is an inner athlete in everyone, an inner drive that once discovered produces profound results in health, fitness and life – unleashing this is my passion.

Personal Fact: Growing up in British Columbia, I am a true outdoorsman, nature revitalizes me. There is nothing more rejuvenating and exhilarating than heading off on a trail run in the middle of nowhere, fighting the elements, tackling the incline to see what you’re made of and then arriving at the peak of a mountain overcome by the tranquility of nature and a 360 degree view of the landscape surrounding you. Fitness is my play, Nature is my playground.


Kevin Thorne - @KevinThorne8

Director of Operations

Background: Fitness & Health Promotion – Humber College, CSEP-CPT, canfitpro PTS/FIS, Fitness Kickboxing Canada Level 1 Instructor

Passion: From an early age I knew that I would work professionally in sports and athletics. With my identical twin there to mirror me and push me along, I was privileged to excel and win many championships; High Park little league/All-star, rep soccer, track & field, and cross-country running. In high school I won city titles in volleyball, as well as varsity football, captaining the defense. Taking this leadership and intensity from off the field and into the training studio helps set an unbreakable attitude.  I like to spur on my clients, no matter what their abilities, keeping sessions fast, exciting and fun. Always a thrill-seeker, trying new extreme sports is my latest ambition – parkour, wakeboarding and skydiving are top the list.

Personal Fact: My #1 passion is actually ‘the beautiful game’. With my dad growing up near Liverpool, I’m an avid Red’s fan, and follow many leagues from around the world closely. Weekend’s you can find me in the southend at BMO Field, chanting on the boys of TFC.


Sean Chilton

Team Manager

Background: BSc in Kinesiology at “Western”, CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer, OKA- Certified Kinesiologist.

Passion: I love health and fitness. Being able to use my knowledge and experience to help my clients reach their personal fitness goals is extremely exciting, and you will see that excitement when training with me. There are many different ways to exercise and I show clients a variety of exercises and workouts, all to cater to their specific needs and goals. High Fives are always expected!!!

Personal Fact: While at school, I worked with Western’s varsity football team as an Athletic Therapist. This experience gave me a lot of knowledge in athletic injuries and rehabilitation programs. I played rugby for many years and experienced many injuries myself, including two separated shoulders, a fractured ankle, and a torn ACL. I know that injuries are a frustrating setback but most can be overcome with a proper training program.


Stephanie Sibbio - @StephSibbio

Fitness Specialist, Yoga Instructor

Background: BA in Kinesiology, CSEP-CEP. Have worked as a CEP in the Fitness York Laboratory doing VO2 Max testing. Recently completed YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) with Downward Dog Studios.

Passion: I love training because I have the opportunity to eat, breathe and sleep fitness. I love spending entire days working with different individuals talking and teaching health and fitness. I get to teach people all that I know about fitness, and in return I not only get the reward of assisting people to reach their fitness goals, but also get to learn new things from each new person I meet. I am inspired by each of my clients in a different way, and collectively give me the drive to stay motivated to take care of myself. In a session with me, you will encounter a holistic approach to training. I love working every aspect of the client; from strength to cardio, major muscle groups to tiny stabilizer muscles, physical to mental.

Personal Fact: My goals at the moment are to run a sub 25 minute 5k, and to master the handstand


Gavin Peacock

Fitness Specialist, Lead Videographer

Background: canfitpro PTS, Mad Dogg Spinning.

Passion: Training enables me to compete in the sports and activities I love. Sport specific training and full body functional exercises catered to agility, power and speed. A session with me will involve targeting the entire body and taxing the cardiovascular system. Expect to endure some kickboxing, rowing, kettle bells or advanced full-body Olympic style lifting!

Personal Fact: I love the ‘extreme’ sports and freestyle fitness genres and have a strong passion for film making and video editing. I have over 1 million views online from my YouTube channel - Flipped Society (athletic, fitness, and extreme stunt videos).


Jennifer Slauenwhite

Fitness Specialist, Mom & Baby Instructor

Background: George Brown Fitness and Lifestyle Program, George Brown College Personal Training Certificate, CSEP-CFC, canfitpro PTS, Certified Spinning Instructor, Pre/Post Natal Specialist and leader of the Mom & Baby Program for Think Fitness.

Passion: Fitness is my passion. Being fortunate enough to have been brought up in numerous family-owned and operated fitness centers I was able to learn at a very young age that if you want to achieve something bad enough it CAN be done. I love that I am able to pass along all that I have learned and in turn help others to achieve their goals. Empowering moms to demonstrate to their children not only physical but mental strength. Helping people change their perception of fitness, challenging them to reach their full potential and adapting a healthy, balanced lifestyle is what it’s all about!

Personal Fact: I am a very proud mother of two spectacular children. It is through them that I maintain my drive and perseverance to be at my personal best. I take pride in the fact that they are able to cheer for me at races and motivate me at various fitness events. I know that through this example they will continue to follow in my footsteps and maintain the family cycle of being healthy and active and of course challenging themselves whenever they can!


Alex Shires - @Axel_lily

Events & Marketing Manager, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

Background: Bachelor of Tourism Management: Adventure Tourism from Thompson Rivers University, graduate from the National Outdoor Leadership School, canfitpro PTS, working towards becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Passion: Health, fitness and active living are a way of life for me. My passion is trying to bring that way of life to those around me. It’s not just about getting in a fierce workout, although that is always fun, but about having an impact on a person to assist them in having a happier, healthier, and more joyful life. My love for adventure makes me want to push the limits and constantly be striving to live a better life and bring great experiences to the great people who make my life amazing. In training I like to incorporate a mix of high intensity cardio, body weight exercises, boxing, kettle bells and maybe even a little yoga. I will motivate you to accomplish what you never thought you could achieve.

Personal Fact: I spent 3 weeks in the Grand Teton Mountain range in Wyoming winter camping, backcountry snowboarding, and living in an igloo. I have completed two Baron Baptiste 40 day challenges, practicing yoga and meditating every day for 40 consecutive days. Nutrition and cooking are a huge passion of mine. Ask me about healthy cooking and I’ll talk your ear off with an abundance of recipes.


Debbie King - @SupaFitMama

Role Model Coordinator

Background: canfitpro PTS, Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist BA (Hons.) Communication Studies. PRO figure competitor

Passion: I love challenging myself to different types of training and fitness endeavors. My personal experiences span team athletics, running, bodybuilding and more fitness classes than I can list! I think we easily surprise ourselves with new abilities and interests, when we venture into new fitness pursuits. I love inspiring and facilitating these discoveries in others – especially women and fellow moms. My Mom & Baby classes focus on restoring strength, endurance and overall well-being, while caring for the physical and emotional sensitivities of women postpartum. My clients look forward to a good sweat and a good laugh. I look forward to them discovering something unexpected in themselves!

Personal Fact: I don’t know how to swim. If I ever conquer this fear, it will be thanks to my daughter or my dream of becoming an American Gladiator!


Tim Wong

Fitness Specialist

Background: B.Sc. Kinesiology at York, CSEP-Certified Exericse Physiologist®, NSCA-CSCS in progress, OKA-CK, Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1

Passion: I love training because it gives me the chance to help others improve their physical well being and adopt a healthy lifestyle. My specialties are unconventional exercises such as those with kettlebells, ropes and tires, along with rehab, injury correction and exercise for chronic diseases like diabetes. If you’re training with me, get ready to do some crazy exercises you’ve never seen before!

Personal Fact: I proudly serve in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve. I have some unique abilities of pistol squatting while holding a heavy weight and doing pullups with a weight strapped to my waist.


Luke Cattet

Fitness Specialist

Background: Hons. Spec. in Kinesiology at Western University. Current 2nd Year Student of Osteopathy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

Passion: I love giving a workout that is taxing physically and stimulating mentally. I like to teach the biomechanics of individual muscles working in unison to stabilize joints from everyday locomotion to complex exercises. I enjoy the challenge of finding a restriction in a movement and trying to figure out ways to get back its full mobility. Variety is key in my workouts and I enjoy incorporating aspects from Olympic lifting to dance in my training to keep sessions fresh.

Personal Fact: I ran, threw and jumped as a pentathlete for the Western Mustangs Varsity Track & Field Team. I stay in shape by cycling to anywhere and everywhere my bike will take me, along with Yoga and core stability work.


Andre Paulo

Fitness Specialist

Background: A graduate of the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program at George Brown College. I am certified as a personal trainer through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists.

Passion: I have been involved in sports and athletics for as long as I can remember. Spending the early part of my life in Swaziland and South Africa, I spent countless hours and days playing soccer. After moving to Canada and learning to play tackle football, I began to see the importance of nutrition and comprehensive training programs to performance and injury prevention. Through the guidance of my football and track coaches, I began to develop a passion for creating personalized training programs for myself and my teammates.

Personal Fact: My love for helping others achieve their goals in all aspects of their wellness and personal fitness is what drives me to continue my education and personal development. I love to travel, see and learn new things. Feel free to approach me and teach me a thing or two that you have learned and experienced on your travels.


Lobsang Rigzin

Fitness Specialist

Background: Graduate of Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program (Advanced Diploma), George Brown College. Certified Personal Trainer from Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists.

Passion: Being active is very important for me and Fitness has been a big part of my life. I thrive for success in life and my success comes from helping people get fit and the results they want.

Personal Fact: The Himalayan Kid - I grew up in a very small country called Nepal and I love the open outdoors. I was a young kid growing up in the village with wide-open space, where I was blessed with beautiful nature and the weather. Having very limited option of toys, video games and computers, I built a habit of playing with the nature. Playing sports was also very important part of our life and we spent most of the time doing so. So far I have played almost every sport and enjoyed them to the fullest. “Barefoot Training” was a big trend back home as we had very limited access to shoes.


Andrew La Plante

Fitness Specialist

Background: Fitness & Health Promotion Humber College B.Sc Kinesiology at the University of Guelph-Humber (3rd year) CSEP-CPT certification, Certified Crossfit level 1 Coach, canfitpro PTS

Passion: I’ve been active all my life. I grew up playing any and every sport I could. I have always had a fierce love affair with the wilderness, competing and pushing myself to be better. This has fostered a great passion to encourage people to do the same. I know how fitness can transform not just your health, but your entire life. There’s something electric about motivating people to push themselves, and have them leaving the gym better than they were yesterday. My training sessions are functional, fast-paced, fresh, fun and translate to real life, sport and individualized goals. Work hard in the gym and enjoy the rewards in sport, nature’s playground and everyday life. I push my clients to find the edge of their comfort zone – and then we crush it and push forward. That’s where the magic happens. I won’t say it will be easy, but it will be worth it. Believe that.

Personal Fact: While at Humber, I played varsity volleyball. But, my fist love is snowboarding. I’ve spent a lot of time instructing and competing in British Columbia. After over 15 years of riding, I’m still stoked as ever to get up early and catch fresh tracks! When the snow melts, I love going for cruises on my longboard with my dog-and-sidekick to scratch that snowboarding itch.


Charlie Page

Fitness Specialist

B.Sc Social Science (honours), canfitpro PTS, kickboxing fitness instructor Level 1, Certified Life Coach.

Passion: I believe that having a fit and healthy mind/body is essential for a successful life. With 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, I’ve successfully motivated and coached clients to create and reach their fitness and weight loss goals. Getting fit must be fun – using varied and complex training programs that include strength training, plyometrics, cardio conditioning, intervals and core stability work. No work-out should ever be the same, but laughing and smiling through the sweat and tears is essential! It’s serious business but always fun.

Personal Fact: Sports and Fitness have always been a major part of my life. Growing up in an active, outdoorsy and sporty family allowed me to embody the saying “jack of all sports, master of none”. Running, soccer, racing sailboats, kickboxing and snowboarding are all in my current ‘Top 5′! If you invite me to do any sport, rest assured I’ll have the equipment!